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Vehicle Removal and Towing Services

Unauthorised or illegal parking is not pleasant for any of the parties involved; whether it is the business manager being disrupted or the vehicle owner being towed, we understand. Through the team and the parking enforcement processes Supercity Towing has, we actively reduce the inconveniences for all the stakeholders.

Towing parked cars requires specialised towing equipment and extensive resource in order to provide an effective solution. Supercity Towing is the most well-equipped company in Auckland to offer the best and quickest parking enforcement services and towing solutions.

Contact our dedicated accounts team to customise a package to match any unique conditions. We will arrange free vehicle removal quickly- 0800 728 694

Our professional services include:

  • Warning signs
  • Large range of generic signs provided free
  • Full customisation available
  • Excellent deterrent minimising the frequency of having to request tows
  • Provides vehicle owner with our details in the case of being towed

Monitoring services

Regular 24-hour patrols available according to your specifications
Added after-hours business security & discourages undesirable behaviors
Static and mobile CCTV surveillance available (coming soon)
Complementary permits issued for authorised vehicles


Largest specialised fleet in New Zealand, including small/narrow cabs, & large trucks.
Locally situated storage yards across the Auckland Region. All fully secured with CCTV.
Dedicated 24-hour call centre and dispatch.

Personal account manager

Frequent contact for a personalised service
Always available to ensure the outcomes you expect
Knows your property and business to give you the best advice for any ongoing issues.

Activity Transparency

Custom built tow tracking software
Every detail of each job recorded for complete transparency
Full truck GSP integration

All provided to you and the business at no charge. Contact us today!

Phone: 0800 728 694

We provide services across all areas of Auckland and offer a range of employment opportunities. Contact us today to become part of our team in a highly specialised field.




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